Order / Free of charge quotation

Due to the fact, that I need to leave my office to complete some of my assignments, please, prearrange approximate time of delivery of collection of documents by phone or e-mail.

Telephone: 605 067 351
Email: biuro@tlumacz.org.pl

Documents required to be translated can be delivered personally, by fax, e-mail (scans, photograph of the document, Word, Excel, PDF, jpg, tif, and other formats), by mail or courier. In case if original document is not submitted for certified/sworn translation (e.g. if documents are sent by e-mail, fax), it is necessary to present the original upon collection of translated documents. It is also possible to issue translation in the basis of a copy or electronic version of a document (scans, photos, etc.), with information in this respect included in the certification of such translation.