Certified (Sworn) Translations

In my pursuit to fulfil requirements of my clients who expect top quality services in a dynamically changing world I continuously improve my qualifications and broaden my knowledge to be able to offer excellent translation services.

Certified (Sworn) Translations

– 1 translated page (1,125 characters / page) English – Polish: PLN 30.00

– 1 translated page (1,125 characters / page) Polish – English: PLN 37.00

NOTE: Due to repeated parts phrases and formats in some standard documents, price reduction is possible in case of such type of translations. Below you can find examples of such standard documents:

English – Polish Translations



Price for certified translation

Certified Copy of and Entry of Birth/Marriage (Great Britain, Ireland)

PLN 60.00

Birth, marriage certificate (licence), depending on the state/country issuing certificate and number of entries

From PLN 60.00

Registration Certificate V5C DVLA (Great Britain)

PLN 80.00

Certificate of no Impediment to Marriage

PLN 50.00

Certificate of Title, USA – depending on the State issuing certificate and number of entries

from PLN 60.00

Driving Licence (Great Britain, USA, Ireland, Canada) depending on the country/state issuing certificate and number of entries

From PLN 30.00

Translation of the documents required for solemnizing marriage with a foreigner in Poland

From PLN 100.00

Visit at the Registrar’s Office

From PLN 100.00

Wedding ceremony

PLN 250 (Krakow and the surroundings)

PLN 400 (over 30 km from Krakow, max. 60 km)

Practical driving test:

PLN 130 (waiting and test time up to 1 h + PLN 60 for every additional 30 minutes)

Polish – English Translations



Price for certified translation

Abbreviated Certified Copy of Birth Certificate

PLN 40

Abbreviated Certified Copy of Marriage/Death Certificate

PLN 60

Complete Certified Copy of Birth/Marriage/Death Certificate

PLN 80

Criminal Record Certificate

PLN 50

University/College Diploma

PLN 50

Supplement to University/College Diploma

from PLN 150, depending on the number of entries

Certified copy of entries in the National Court Register (KRS)

from PLN 150, depending on the number of entries

Certificate of Residence

from PLN 40, depending on the number of entries

School reports/graduation certificates (primary, secondary, other.)

from PLN 50, depending on the number of entries

Secondary School Graduation Certificates (świadectwo dojrzałości) – new format

PLN 50

Employment Certificate

from PLN 50, depending on the number of entries


Certified (Sworn) Oral Translations:

PLN 120.00 per hour – official events and meetings at which presence of certified (sworn) translator is required (e.g. notarial deeds, real estate sale and purchase transactions, appointing an attorney, procedures in the Registrar’s Office, driving licence tests, etc.)

In case of oral translation the minimum service fee is PLN 150 – procedures of duration up to 1 hour.

The rules for executing certified (sworn) translations

Certified translation (also called the sworn translation) is the special kind of translation which may be executed or performed exclusively by the translator who is entered into the register of Certified Translators kept by the Minister of Justice. Such translations, which include translator’s official stamp and signature, are required by the public authorities, courts, colleges/universities or other institutions in course of administrative procedures involving documents presented in a foreign language. The rules for execution of certified (sworn) translations are stipulated in the Certified (Sworn) Translator’s Profession Act of 25 November 2004 (J.L. No. 273, item 2702), which defines the basic rules for execution of certified (sworn) translations.

Certified (sworn) translation should be issued in a printed form and it includes certification note, certified translator’s round stamp and signature and the specific number of such translation or certification recorded in the translator’s register. Certified (sworn translation) is issued in one copy. Each additional copy (certified copy) costs 20% of the fee for translation.

Certified (sworn) translation may be collected personally, sent by registered or standard mail, delivered by courier or sent in an electronic form (e.g. PDF format). Translations are delivered at customer’s expense.

Standard (used for calculation purposes) certified (sworn) translation page includes 1,125 characters (spaces included). The number of pages for price calculation is determined on the basis of the statistics of characters in text in the target language displayed in the word processor software after translation is completed. In case of certified (sworn) translation commenced page is counted as a whole page.

In case of specialised texts or texts delivered in a non-standard form (e.g. handwritten documents, www sites) prices are agreed upon individually depending on the degree of difficulty in preparing translation. In case of texts including specialised vocabulary (complex legal documents, technical descriptions, specifications, etc.) – prices are agreed upon individually depending on the degree of difficulty in preparing translation and its deadline.

The above prices have been quoted for the standard delivery time. Translation of up to 5 translation pages within 24 hours from the moment of order acceptance is considered as completed in a standard delivery time. In case of shorter time for completion of order or higher number of pages ordered to be completed in a shorter period of time, additional fees for express (50%) or super express (100%) service are charged. They are determined individually, depending on the agreed upon deadline for completion of a particular translation.

For verification and certification by certified (sworn) translation of a provided translation 50% of the rate for translation is charged, in case if a good quality translation is provided

In case of cancellation of translation order, translator has the right to remuneration for already completed work and reimbursement of expenses incurred for the purpose of proper completion of such cancelled translation, if already incurred.

In case of permanent cooperation with a particular customer or large number of pages ordered to be translated, prices may be negotiated individually.

This price list is not a commercial offer in the meaning of Sec. 66 § 1 of the Civil Code.